As a woman, I believe traveling alone would be relatively safe anywhere. Of course, in almost all over the world, even in the safest country, one should always be cautious and to always trust her instinct. Preplanning and awareness are keys to any safe and enjoyable vacation.


I am an organized planner by nature, so before I venture on my own, I always make a detailed plan for each of the days of my trip. I will also leave a copy of my itinerary with someone at home so they can track me in any emergency.


I always pick a nice affordable accommodation in the area of my interest, therefore I avoid unnecessary long travels during the day. And if I do want to make along day trip to see particular site, I always choose a reputable taxi company or a car rental service.


I tend to use my credit card or debit card for purchases, and carry just enough cash with me at all times. If I was to go to a traditional market where they may not accept any cards, I would stop by an ATM machine to get some extra cash for shopping.


When I decide to go out clubbing at night, I either call up a friend who lives in the area or make new friends that day when I lounged by the pool, so I don’t have to brave the party scene on my own. But when you do want to go out on your own, tell someone at the hotel and ask him or her to check up on you in the morning. Just to be on the safe ride.


For me, solo traveling doesn’t mean I will be all alone the whole time. Most likely, I make new friends within the first couple of days of my trip. And ended up traveling together as a group the whole time.



Text: Shindi Packer

Source: Journey Indonesia Magazine




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