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Have you ever heard of a city that has 6 different hash tags for each day?  Well, maybe Bandung is one of them. There are six themes in Bandung starting from Monday to Saturday which were launched in 2013 by the city mayor, Ridwan Kamil. What are those hash tags? 


1. #SeninGratis

Or the Free Monday in English is the only day where students could enjoy free Damri bus to and after school, in one condition; they must wear uniform.


2. #SelasaTanpaRokok

Smoking Free Tuesday. Doesn’t it feel so good to breathe Bandung’s fresh air without cigarette smoke in just one day...


3. #ReboNyunda

Wednesday is dedicated to Sundanese culture and custom. All citizen are suggested to speak in Sundanese, while the men wears Iket Sunda (their traditional head band) and women wears Karembong or Kebaya which is Indonesian traditional outfit. 


4. #KamisInggis

To enhance their speaking skill, most students in Bandung would speak English for the whole day in English Thursday.


5. #JumatBersepeda

Yeay, Friday is arrived! Today is the day where all citizens are suggested to go to work or school by bicycle. It turns out to be an amazing experience for them, to tandem with other bikers in Bandung’s pleasant streets.


6. #HariProdukLokal

Saturday is dedicated to local brands and products. As you know, Bandung is famous as a fashionable city. There are lots of shops and outlets selling fashion goods ranging from clothes, shoes, bags and jewels, stretching from Lembang to Dago. Those fashion goods are mostly made locally, and the citizen are proud to wear them.


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