Awe-Inspiring Active Volcanoes in Indonesia, Episode: Mount Papandayan

November 27, 2015

Dubbed the beginner’s mountain, Mount Papandayan is located in West Java. It is a complex strata volcano, and it has four large summit craters. Mount Papandayan stretches from South of Garut all the way to Bandung. About 19 kilometers from Garut, the top is easily reached by the special road that leads right to the crater. Mount Papandayan is one of a kind. Not many mountains in Indonesia have the same stunning edelweiss meadow, a sulphur crater that steams all day long and a dead forest. Although considered a good place for beginners, you shouldn’t underestimate this mountain. The climb can still be tiring and hard. The temperature drops as low as 10 degrees Celcius at the peak come nightfall.


After leaving the basecamp, the track will lead you to the craters immediately. You will see firsthand the incredible view of the bubbling sulfur surrounded with stunning volcanic rocks. The white smoke can be seen from the foot of the mountain, and you can tell you’re getting close to the crater as the scent of sulfur becomes stronger. Because of the sulfur, visitors are not allowed to linger too long. Even so, the crater is still one of the most frequently visited places by curious tourists. After enjoying the crater, climbers may set their tents at the Pondok Salada camping ground or continue to Tegal Alun. The place is covered by thousands of fragrant edelweiss.


People would be surprised by the panoramic view of dried tree stems. Where down below the trees are green and full with leaves, here not a single leaf grows on the dry brown trees. The dead forest may sound horrific and chilling, but it remains a captivating sight. You wouldn’t believe how a dead forest could be something so charming to look at. 



Source: Journey Magazine, November 2015


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