Going to Bandung on New Year’s Eve? Avoid these Areas

  • Alun-alun Bandung

    Alun-alun Bandung

Going for a short trip to Bandung with best friends or family might be great for you. Bandung is only a few hours away from Jakarta. The city offers lots of shops and entertainments, and foods, glorious foods. You can spend the New Year’s Eve together with the locals at café, restaurants, main streets, or maybe if you want the close-to-the-nature feel, hike a mountain and wait until the first sun in 2016 rises.
There are two types of people in this world, people who love to be in the crowd and people who fond for a quality time in a less noisy places. If you are type number two, then spending time at the most cozy hotel in Bandung like House Sangkuriang Bandung is a perfect choice. Start with an intimate dinner at Sangkuriang Café, and then continue to join the fun with our friendly staff at the Communal Area. 
As predicted, some areas in Bandung will be loaded with people from surrounding areas. If you don’t want to get stuck in traffic, avoid areas like Simpang Dago, Gasibu, Cikapayang, Jl. Asia Afrika and Gatot Subroto. But! If you are type number one, you can visit one of these locations and come earlier so you can get the perfect spot for fireworks show. Don’t forget to wear comfortable outfit, and please do not put on so many accessories for your own safety. 
House Sangkuriang Bandung is located at the most convenient area in Dago, such a perfect place to experience Bandung at its best. You can reach Bandung hotspots with the most convenient ways or stay to enjoy Bandung’s comfortable atmosphere at our house, since it only have 50 guest rooms. Reserve your stay now and get our special price starts from IDR 500.000/Room/Night including breakfast. You could also enjoy free music entertainment on New Year’s Eve and chance to get a door prize from us. Save IDR 50.000 when book two nights in a row!
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