5 Unique Valentine Traditions

February is the month of love!


As we all know, Valentine is always identic with flowers and chocolate. But did you know there are other various unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Some people in this 5 countries have a different way to celebrate the February 14th. What are they?


1.       Brazil


This country even has a special carnival to welcome the Valentine’s Day that occurs on February or March. And not only that, they also have two other special days which are the Lovers Day that held every June 12th and the St. Anthony day.


The Brazilians honors the Valentine’s Day not only by giving flowers and chocolate to each other, but also with a special dinner with family and friends.


St. Anthony is known as the patron Saint of marriage. During this day, single women in Brazil are usually doing some private rituals such as pray, hoping to get the right man that will marry them later.


2.       Paris


Who doesn’t know Paris? This country is like the icon of all romantic things in the whole world. Did you know, even the tradition of sending Valentine’s Day greeting card was reputedly came from Paris. It was started by Charles, Duke of Orleans who sent a romantic Valentine’s greeting card to his lover while he was a prisoner at London Tower.


But, what French people did on Valentine’s Day was far from the word, Romantic.


It is said that in the old days, single men and women will be gathering in one place, looking for someone that matches their criteria. A man will hang out with several ladies and pick only one attractive woman, the rest of them will be just left.


The disappointed women then will be gathering around a bonfire with a picture of man who left them, and then they’ll burn the picture. As time passes this event became out of control, so the government has to ban this event.  Well... Let’s just share some chocolates then.


3.       South Korea


In South Korea, the day of love is celebrated for 3 months! It starts on February 14th on Valentine’s Day where girls will give and do anything to attract their crush, or even more, they will confess their feelings to them. But, they have to be patient because boys will give the answer and give them gifts on March 14th. Valentine’s Day in South Korea is also called the Black Day, so they will be wearing black clothes, eating black noodle and sipping black coffee.


4.       England


Single ladies in England have this tradition to keep some leaves under the pillow at night before Valentine’s Day. It is believed that by doing this they would dream about their future husband. Meanwhile the children will be waiting the Jack Valentine to knock on their doors and leave some candies.


5.       Italy


Towns in Italy will be filled with flowers and romantic atmosphere during the Valentine’s Day. Young lovers will gather at the city park, enjoying the sound of street music and romantic poets. People in Italy believe that the earlier they wake up on Valentine’s Day, the sooner they will get married.


So, how do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share it on our Fan Page.



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