Review about House Sangkuriang Bandung in Strategic Location

February 19, 2018

Bandung is one of the main destinations for tourism in Indonesia that offers all kinds of entertainment for everyone. Hence, it is common to see a lot of people go to Bandung during holiday season. As a tourism city, Bandung has a lot of accommodations and hotels, including House Sangkuriang Bandung that offers the best facility for your holiday getaway with your family.
House Sangkuriang Bandung Offers a Strategic Location
There are a lot of accommodations in Bandung, ranging from low budget hotel to five stars hotel that offers services and facilities with international standard. But, the choice is yours. Some people prefer to spend less in accommodation to get at least a decent basic facility. Others choose to have a comfortable stay in Bandung no matter how much it will cost them. One of the hotels that offer comfortable stay with four star facilities is House Sangkuriang Bandung, which located on Jalan Sangkuriang with homey design and luxurious atmosphere.
This hotel is designed using Art Deco architecture and surrounded by natural ambience. You will be pleased with beautiful scenery, fresh air, and good atmosphere. The beauty of the natural surroundings seems perfectly blended with the historical nuance of the building itself. Yes, this hotel is located in a bona fide and elite area, where it is used to be a luxurious Dutch housing area that brings us back to the past without leaving modern aspect of its facilities. Its location is also very strategic and very close to the city center.
House Sangkuriang Bandung is just 5 minutes away from Jalan Dago, Jalan Setiabudi, Jalan Cihampelas, and also the infamous Rumah Mode by car or 10 minutes away by foot. Besides that, it is also located close to culinary center and Tahura Dhuanda, where the Dutch and Japanese Cave at. For those who like adventure, you can try hiking in Maribaya. Right across this hotel, there is Sarana Olahraga Ganesha, which is owned by ITB with a range of sport facility, such as tennis field, swimming pool, and jogging track. Besides that, House Sangkuriang Bandung also has its own swimming pool with infinity pool concept that is loved by many people.
House Sangkuriang Bandung, Hotel with Homey Nuance
Unlike any other hotels, House Sangkuriang Bandung offers a refreshing and green nuance, which naturally comes from the plants and the trees around it. Its lobby area has a large space with low ceiling and decorated with a big glass window. The hotel is equipped with wooden furniture and granite flooring, which add the feel of a house during Dutch colonial era.
House Sangkuriang Bandung has various types of rooms. One of them is called Sangkuriang type that facing Jalan Sangkuriang. The other one is Siliwangi type that facing Jalan Siliwangi and last but not least is Family Suite type, which is the largest room type there and consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room.
House Sangkuriang Bandung’s interior was designed in such a way to make you feel at home. The outdoor swimming pool offers a green and natural nuance because of the pine trees around it. This hotel is a perfect choice for those who are looking for authentic Sundanese cuisine. You can enjoy local food with a friendly atmosphere at its restaurant which carries outdoor concept. All in all, House Sangkurang Bandung is the ideal choice for those who are looking for the real Sunda nuance.