How to Plan a Birthday Party

October 18, 2018

Many people believe that planning a birthday party doesn’t always as fun as it sounds. A study conducted by Elizabeth H. Pleck in 2002 shows that the significance of birthday parties has shifted from an important discovery of ones stage of life to an informal destinations event with many hints of competition. Perhaps, that is the main reason why some people don’t want to bother to host a party.
However, for those of you who find a breath of fresh air amongst crowds, candles, cakes, and confetti, don’t feel discourage. You’re still going to be able to organize this wonderful event minus the pressure and headache. With these four easy steps, planning a birthday party will no longer be a burden.

One of the easiest ways to lay out the whole vibe of your party is to decide what would be its theme. Thanks to the internet, there are tons of party theme references for you or your loved ones. For those who are penchant with the elegance of Old Hollywood, a Hollywood theme would be great choice. Or maybe you want a more casual and lay back celebration; a picnic theme party will suit you just fine.
Once you’ve found the desired theme, you might want to start a small list of the things you need to buy or prepare for the said theme. For example, you’ve picked Old Hollywood theme for your party, the next thing you need to consider is whether or not Hollywood related decorations are accessible to you or your guests – for a great party doesn’t always have to be so complicated.

Next, pick the best venue for your party. One thing to be noted that ‘best’ doesn’t always have to be expensive; you can host a party in your backyard and still have an amazing celebration. Pick a venue which suits your theme well. A picnic theme party will be a great chance to share the beauty of your garden or backyard with your loved ones.
As a tropical country, pool party is a great alternative for us Indonesians. Thus, choosing the right venue becomes crucial in this part. For those of you who are dreaming of having a glorious pool party but you don’t have access to a pool in your house, worry not because you can always rely on hotels near you. If you happened to reside alongside numerous hotels in Bandung, House Sangkuriang must be taken into your consideration. Located in one of the most strategic area in Bandung, House Sangkuriang offers a warm yet vibrant atmosphere through its communal area by the pool. The relaxing vibe of our communal area will guarantee you the best birthday party experience ever.

Although it would be lovely to share your special day with as many people as you can think of, this strategy can be quite draining. This is where a guest list becomes important for you have to make sure you’re spending this day with people in your closest circle. Start with family members – mum, dad, and siblings – then moving onto your closest friends. Don’t be afraid if you’re misjudged as someone who’s really picky.

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The last but not least is a creating a check list. The best and easiest way to do it is to dividing these lists into several parts. For example, create a check list for ‘Party Decorations’ to make sure you don’t miss to buy anything. ‘Food and Beverages’ check list is perhaps one of the most crucial things of all, for you wanted to make sure that your guests feel like they’re being treated well. Start with variety of party snacks, drinks, then the elephant in the room – birthday cake.
Planning a birthday party can be fun and nerve wracking at the same time. It is up to you to choose which path you want to follow. If you’re still looking for a party venue and you need a hand to plan this birthday blast, call us at (022) 87832323 and House Sangkuriang would be happy to help.