5 Most Anticipated Annual Events In Bandung

January 18, 2019

As a home of approximately 2.4 million people, it is no secret that Bandung also has some of the most beloved tourist attractions in Indonesia. For instance, Bandung Geology Museum, Nu Art Sculpture Park, Farmhouse Lembang, Djuanda Forest Park, and many more. Some people even willing to take their families to Bandung every single weekend, not only because of its close proximity to the Jabodetabek area, but also for the fact that this city has everything for everyone.
For those of you who might’ve started your travelling plans for 2019, Bandung will definitely be the perfect place to be put on your list. As mentioned before, there are many interesting tourist attractions to choose so it’s impossible for you to get bored. Especially, after knowing the fact that these five highly-anticipated annual events will be there to greet you!

1. Asian African Carnival


In 2015, Bandung hosted the 60th Asian-African Conference. For those who might have still remembered the story about this particular event from history book, in 1955, five most prominent figures in Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India organized a conference as means to promote Afro-Asian economic and cultural cooperation, as well as to oppose colonialism and neocolonialism by any nations. Thus, the first Asian-African Conference was born.
60 years had passed and Bandung was chosen to host the same event for the second time. As many as 34 leaders from 77 countries attended the event and locals were gathered around Asia Afrika street to join the festival. From this day onwards, the Ministry of Tourism along with Bandung City Government had decided to make Asian-African Festival as Bandung’s annual event. Last year, this festival was held in May and thousands of art performers from Asian and African countries brought their A game to Bandung. For those of you who don’t want to miss this year’s festival and parade, make sure you get your schedule cleared between April or May and book your stay in advance with House Sangkuriang Bandung!

2. Keuken Festival


Calling all of the foodies from all across the nation! This next annual event will be a great chance for you to have a little taste of some of the most beloved Indonesian food. Presented by a well-known consumer goods company, Keuken offers a unique experience for their visitors through its equally unique concept. For example, last year, Keuken brought ‘Delightful Discoveries’ as its theme. This theme was chosen as means to give the highest appreciation for Indonesian food delicacies, as well as an open invitation for visitors to learn about its origins.
From authentic Indonesian food such as Fried Rice, Tongseng, Batagor, Soto, Gudeg, and Satay, to fusion styled cuisine like Salted Egg Chicken, Barbecued Ribs, and Kebab – this festival has everything for anyone. For those of you who are interested to join the festivity of Keuken Festival, make sure you mark your calendar around August. Don’t forget to book your stay with us beforehand.

3. Commemoration of Bandung Lautan Api


Coming in number three is another festival which commemorates one of the biggest events in Indonesia’s history, Bandung Sea of Fire or known as Bandung Lautan Api. On March, 1946, the southern part of Bandung was burned down by Indonesian troops after an ultimatum was given by the British commander, MacDonald. He demanded Indonesian troops to leave Bandung, so that British allies and NICA could take over the city. As an act of defiance, Indonesian troops then decided to set the city on fire.
Years after that historical event took place, the local government continues to organize an annual event as means to keep the spirit of Bandung Lautan Api alive. Every March, members of history enthusiast communities and some locals are gathered around Tegalega to join the torch relay. Not only that, members of local government, Indonesian National Armed Force, and some prominent public figures will also pay a tribute to the fallen heroes and veterans who had served this country. If you are interested to join the festivity of Bandung Lautan Api commemoration, mark your calendar around March!

4. Bandung Light Festival


Did you know that every year, starting from August to October, there are lots of interesting events that you can attend to in Bandung? As the part of Bandung’s anniversary, the local government along with Ministry of Tourism, local communities, and art performers will join hand in hand to organize what is now known to be Bandung Light Festival.
Last year, Bandung Light Festival brought ‘1001 Nights’ as its theme. The locals were gathered around Asia Afrika street to watch a festive parade which was joined by 81 vehicles embellished with LED ornaments. According to Aswin Sulaeman, the head of marketing for Bandung Tourism and Culture, stated that ‘1001 Nights’ was chosen as last year’s theme to show the beauty of Bandung through a new perspective – which were ornamental vehicles. Who knows that this year’s theme will be much more excited than ever?

5. Kickfest


In 2018, as many as 100 clothing brands were participated on one of the biggest annual events in Bandung, Kickfest XII. As we all know, Bandung has always been one of the largest markets for Indonesia’s independent clothing brands, followed by Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Malang, and Surabaya, so it is safe to say that Kickfest becomes the most anticipated annual event in those cities. Unlike any other previous events, last year’s Kickfest was rather special and unique because visitors were not only able to hunt for some cool pieces of clothing, but they can also attend Creative Talks session, watch a live cooking, basketball competition, and of course trying some delicious food at the Food Market.
So, what’s stopping you from spending a nice holiday in Bandung? Book your stay with House Sangkuriang and enjoy one unforgettable festival experience in this city!

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