5 Most Recommended Menu at House Sangkuriang Bandung

March 26, 2019

Bandung, the capital of West Java Province, is known as one of the most-visited cities in Indonesia and there are many reasons to explain this phenomenon. Not only because Bandung has many interesting tourist attractions to choose from, this city is also become a hot spot for food lovers who constantly seek for the most unique culinary innovation from Kota Kembang.
House Sangkuriang Bandung understands that aside from the quality of services, food also plays a major role on providing the ultimate guest-experience for our visitors. That is why our team has been working day in and day out to ensure that we are only giving the best for our most loyal guest – especially when it comes to our signature food. Care to give it a try? For those of you who are planning a nice staycation at House Sangkuriang Bandung this weekend, here are five food recommendations that you should never missed.

1.    Mie Tek-Tek
You might have heard the popularity of Mie Tek-Tek all across the country, but did you know the story behind this warm and tasty noodle dish? Anthony Tijo at kompasiana.com mentioned that Mie Tek-Tek was originated from a legendary noddle recipe called Yang-jun in China. During a huge crisis which struck the country, people were started to make an innovation as means to reduce their expense on food. That’s why a cheap version of noodle dish such as Yang-jun was born and sold for 10 cent / bowl in Shanghai.
The popularity of Yang-jun was soon to be heard in Indonesia after Chinese merchants introduce this legendary dish to public. Locals were then started to sell Yang-jun noodle around their hometown, using a cart like vehicle called Gerobak and equipped with an alarm called Kenthongan. Until this day, Mie Tek-Tek becomes one of the most favorite dishes in Indonesia, especially Bandung which is known for its many noodle dishes. House Sangkuriang Bandung brings the authenticity of traditional Mie Tek-Tek to your table by combining soft noodle with warm and savory broth, topped by slices of chicken and meatballs. Don’t forget to try this Chef Recommended menu next time you visit our hotel!

2.    Oxtail Soup
The discovery of Oxtail Soup can be traced back to the 17th century, where French and Flemish immigrants who resided within London introduce this dish to the locals. The popularity of Oxtail Soup in United Kingdom continues to rise until the 18th century where an updated version of the soup was discovered – with thicker broth and richer taste, with tomato as its base. As for Indonesian’s version of Oxtail Soup, it was hugely influenced by Korean and Chinese version of the legendary soup – with barbecued oxtail as its signature, combined with much lighter and clearer broth.
Bringing the authentic taste of Indonesian Cuisine, our chef has successfully creates a special recipe in order to give our best version of Oxtail Soup for guests. Using only high quality ingredients such as tender oxtail and fresh vegetables, we then combined these two ingredients with an equally tasteful broth – so that you will get the full experience of authentic Indonesian Cuisine through our soup. Along with this dish, warm rice, sambal, emping crackers, tofu, and sweet soy sauce will also be served on your table. Since Oxtail Soup has become one of our most recommended dishes, make sure you get a taste of this delicious Oxtail Soup during lunch or dinner.

3.    House Fried Rice
Who doesn’t love a good bite of Fried Rice in the morning, afternoon, or evening? That’s right, this famous dish is actually known to be the most universal food of all, because there is no such thing as ‘wrong place and wrong time’ to enjoy a plate of Fried Rice. Before we get into the detail about House Sangkuriang Bandung’s signature Fried Rice, let’s dive in a little bit into the history of this tasty food. It is widely believed that Fried Rice was first introduced during the Sui Dynasty era in China. At that time, the locals were combining their left over ingredients such as vegetables with rice – this then led to many variations of Fried Rice.
Much like the origin of Mie Tek-Tek, Chinese merchants brought their Fried Rice recipe to Indonesia’s land. To give an authentic Indonesian taste, more spices and toppings were added to this dish and until this day, those have been the staple of Indonesian’s version of Fried Rice. For example, condiments such as acar, sambal, and krupuk are something that should never been absent on your plate. As for the toppings - sunny side egg, fried chicken, and satay are usually become the common choice. In House Sangkuriang Bandung, not only you can get a plate of delicious House Fried Rice, but you can also enjoy varieties of our most special toppings such as Sunny-Side Egg, Shrimp Satay, and Fried Chicken. To get the full on staycation experience while you’re enjoying your meal, sitting by the pool would be a great choice for you!

4.    Tom Yum Soup
Our next chef recommendation comes from the Land of White Elephants, Thailand. Known as one of Thailand signature dishes, the name Tom Yum itself was derived from two Thailand words, ‘Tom’ refers to the boiling process while ‘Yam’ is often address as Thai spicy and sour salad. Much like its name, the flavor of Tom Yum is dominated with sour and spicy flavor, which makes this soup is very suitable to be enjoyed during a cold or rainy day. Since Bandung is known for its cool breeze, Tom Yum Soup will be a great choice for those of you who are looking for a food to warm you up. Bringing the authentic Thai taste into your bowl, our signature Tom Yum Soup is made using only the most fresh herbs and seafood ingredients such as shrimp, squid, and snapper fillet. The spicy and sour taste from our Tom Yum Soup combined with a bowl of steam rice and a dash of lime juice will make your lunch even more worthwhile.

5.    House Garden
There are times when we’re feeling a bit under the weather and all we want to eat is something which could be easily digested. If you ever face this kind of situation, House Sangkuriang Bandung might have something that could help you feeling a bit better – our fresh and tasty House Garden. You might be wondering ‘How house and garden could help me to feel better?’ well in this case you don’t want to take everything literally. House Garden is the name of our signature salad menu which consists of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, paprika, and then sprinkled with our special Salad Dressing. Not only our salad is good for those who are lean to healthier food, vegetarian friends could also enjoy this meal for lunch or maybe dinner.
Care to give these five dishes a taste? Book your reservation with House Sangkuriang Bandung now and don’t forget to visit our restaurant while you’re here!