5 Famous Nature Tourism in Bandung

July 10, 2019

School holiday is probably the most rewarding moment for every school kid in the world. After spending weeks to deal with homework, group project, and tests, school holiday is the perfect time to ditch everything aside and somehow ‘pretend’ that every problems they face in school is never existed. Of course, often times there will be some holiday themed homework that needs to be completed – but it can wait.
When we’re talking about school holiday, ‘travelling’ is probably become the first word that pops into your mind – and the reason behind it is actually quite simple. As mentioned in the previous line, kids see school holiday as the most rewarding moment for them – thus parents will do whatever it takes to make their kids enjoy this special moment. Therefore, travelling becomes the simplest getaway method for many families, especially those who reside within a busy area like Jakarta.
Since Jakarta isn’t that famous for its nature tourism, Bandung and Lembang often still remain as the number pick around school holiday. Not only due to its easy access from Jabodetabek area, but these areas are also known for its natural beauty which is too good to be missed.

1.    Dago Dream Park
Photo credit @rahayudianajs
Claimed as one of the most visited place in Bandung for the past few years, Dago Dream Park will be our first destination in this article. Built in 2016, offers its visitors with some of the most unique attractions around Dago area, through the combination of modernity, futuristic, and nature. Located 15 minutes from House Sangkuriang Bandung, the uniqueness of this recreation park is also lay on its design and architecture, which inspired by the beauty of Bali’s ecosystem while also maintaining the modern aspects of this place. In Dago Dream Park, you will find some of the most fun and silly attractions like Aladdin Carpet – a floating carpet which has been the staple of Dago Dream Park for many years. Other unique attractions like Sky Bike, Up House, Sky Tree, and Uncle’s Barn will guarantee you one unforgettable family trip!

2.    Tebing Keraton
Photo credit @shiikzky
While young kids will be thrilled to spend hours at Dago Dream Park, teenagers might be looking for a place where they can be left alone with their own thoughts – and Tebing Keraton is the perfect place for that. Located in the northern side of Bandung, Tebing Keraton was started to become heavily publicized around 2014 when travelers took their finest selfie around this majestic cliff and posted it on social media. According to indonesia.travel, the name ‘Tebing Keraton’ itself was only known by the locals for the past five years or so, because this area used to be called Cadas Jontor or loosely translated as The Bulging Rock. This bulging rock is what would later become the icon of Tebing Keraton, since this is the best spot for those who are looking forward to enjoy the dramatic view of forests, hills, rivers, and rice paddies surrounded the area. Since Tebing Keraton isn’t your typical family friendly tourist attraction site, make sure you’ve read any information you can find about this place on the internet.

3.    Orchid Forest
Photo credit @mazayagalva
On August 2018, Orchid Forest Cikole was opened for public as an addition to the long list of Lembang’s natural tourist attraction. Located 45 minutes from Bandung, Orchid Forest Cikole will be the perfect spot for parents who are not only looking for a fun place to hang out with their children, but also educational. Apart from its gorgeous view, unpolluted air, and Instgramable spots, Orchid Forest Cikole is also a home for nearly 20,000 variants of Orchids from Indonesia, Argentina, Peru, Phillipines, and many more. Here, kids can learn more about many different types of orchids, their habitat, as well as the best way to preserve it. Besides that, this place also offers some of the most exciting outdoor activities, ranging from Flying Fox, Rabbit Playground, and the famous Garden of Light – which has been the most popular photo spot around the area. If you are planning on visiting Orchid Forest Cikole around school holiday, make sure you pack proper and warmer clothes since the weather around this park can be a bit chilly.

4.    Nu Art Sculpture Park
Photo credit @plaidjune
Another gorgeous tourist attraction around North Bandung that should be on your bucket list is Nu Art Sculpture Park. Located 30 minutes away from House Sangkuriang Bandung, this sculpture park/gallery/craft boutique is the perfect destination for parents who want to introduce their kids to the world of art from a very young age. Opened for public in 2000, Nu Art Sculpture Park was built as a home to Nyoman Nuarta’s most notable artworks since the beginning of his career. Several years later, Nu Art Sculpture Park evolved into a bigger art institution, since it is now become a home for many modern and contemporary arts from Indonesia’s most talented artists. Fun fact, Nu Art Sculpture Park is also the very place where Nyoman Nuarta built his famous Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue piece by piece! So, not only you can enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding this place, but you can also be the part of history.

5.    Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi

Photo credit @nadyageraldine
For those of you who live around Dago area, chances are you’ve recognized this place just by looking at its picture. But, for those who aren’t quite familiar with this beautiful urban forest, then school holiday will be the perfect time to get to know Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi much further. Crowned by the United Nations on 2011 as one of world’s urban forests, Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi has certainly become an oasis amidst the busy city. In this 3.8 hectare urban forest, parents can take kids on a fun little adventure to explore the forest while breathing in the fresh air of Bandung. Not only that, visitors can also bring their own lunch and have a little picnic around some benches inside the forest. Last but not least, bring the best souvenirs from Forest Walk Babakan Siliwangi in the form of cool pictures you take around the area – because there are some really cool spots in here.
Have you made your decision yet? Which tourist attractions you are eager to visit this time of year?
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