5 Tips on Planning a Garden Party in Bandung

March 05, 2020

Over the past couple of years, the popularity of garden party themed wedding has significantly rising. Take a look at some wedding receptions from Hollywood at the end of 2019, then you’ll notice how these celebrities aim for the simple, beautiful, and carefree concept of garden party on their special day – one of which is Hillary Duff. Last December, Hillary Duff held an intimate wedding ceremony at her house in LA. Here, she adapts a garden party concept right in her front yard and many people were inspired to adapt the similar theme.
One thing you will also notice is that in Indonesia, numerous of wedding vendors had realized that there are huge opportunities for them to grab markets from the said theme. Therefore, finding a vendor which provides a full package “garden party wedding” isn’t that hard. Not only that, restaurants and hotels are also starting to seek for an opportunity in this area by providing a beautiful venue suitable for your special day. One of the hotels in Bandung which is known for its intimate garden party venue is none other than House Sangkuriang!
For those of you who are perhaps planning on getting hitched this year, we have some tips and tricks on how to successfully plan a garden party themed wedding – from picking a venue to draw a seating chart. We’re hoping that this article is not only enjoyable, but it is also can help you starting your big plan.

1. Pick a proper venue

For a wedding ceremony, venue is one of the most important aspects above all. When guests started walk in to this venue, every brides and grooms are certainly hoping that everyone can easily get comfortable. Not only that, venue will also make any wedding themes of your choice comes alive. So, it is safe to say that picking a proper venue for your wedding ceremony is mandatory – especially for a rather specific theme like garden party. Since it is unlikely for couples to hold their garden party in an indoor setting, you can start looking for a proper outdoor venue around your area. For those who live around Jakarta or Bandung, maybe House Sangkuriang holds all of your answers. Suitable for an intimate wedding ceremony for up to 300 guests, our communal area offers a beautiful view of our swimming pool and lushes garden.  

2. Choose a specific sub theme


Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

As specific as it might already sound, did you know that there are a few sub theme of garden party? Sure, you don’t necessarily have to pick a sub theme, but many people found that this can actually help couples to plan their wedding more thoroughly – by narrowing down their concept. Sienna Livermore and Hadley Mendelsohn, editors from bestproducts.com and housebeautiful.com, wrote on their article that picking a sub theme will bring any parties to another level. From the traditional garden party filled with flower decors, to a vintage yet fancy Jay Gatsby inspired – the possibility are endless. One thing you must be paying attention to is to make sure that whatever sub theme you choose to adapt, make sure that you can easily find all the decors that will go with this specific theme. Because, you certainly don’t want to put any more pressure for this special day, right?

3. Plan a dress code theme for the guest

Photo by Kendra Allen on Unsplash

After you’ve booked a venue that can get along with your garden party theme, the next thing you can do is planning a dress code theme for your guests. This might seem as the less important thing to do, but trust us – small details will make your wedding ceremony goes on flawlessly. Hershey Neri, contributor for metrostyle.com, stated that planning a dress code for wedding can be tricky. But once we’ve decoded the tricks on how to dress appropriately for a wedding, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. For garden party wedding, Neri wrote that since the nature of this particular theme is generally more relaxed, long dresses or cocktail dresses are the best pick for the ladies – thus couples might want to bear this in mind while planning the dress code. Make sure you put “no jeans” on your invitation though, for this one item is considered inappropriate for garden party wedding.

4. Make food as your center piece

Photo by fu zhichao from Pexels

Some says that “Food is a universal language of love.” This is actually quite spot-on, considering that people from different age, genders, profession, even cultural backgrounds can create a strong bond from their love of food. Therefore, it is no secret that food is often treated as the center piece on any occasions – especially wedding. Katie Webster from eatingwell.com describes her love for the “easy-breezy picnic menu” on her article about the ultimate list of garden party menu. She describes that seasonal ingredients will be a perfect pick for your menu – that includes fresh berries, greens, even farm-fresh eggs. Barbeque and salad are probably considered as the must-have menu on your garden party, but of course you can arrange everything according to your needs.

5. Every little help is appreciated  

Photo by Matheus Henrin from Pexels

At last, no brides and grooms can ‘safely’ go through their wedding party without the help of people around them. Since garden party wedding concept can be a bit trickier than others, it is important to ask for help from people you trust. If there are any friends who had previously held their wedding, talk to them and ask for information about vendors, wedding dress designers, catering, and so on. Maybe they will offer you a hand to make some arrangements. If you are planning on having bridesmaid or groomsmen, this can also benefit you in many ways for they will be by your side up until the big day. Needless to say, planning a wedding doesn’t have to be a 'one man job.'