5 Popular Tourist Sites Around Dago

January 12, 2021

There are way too many things to talk about when it comes to Bandung. Not only known for its wide variety of traditional or modern food, ‘The City of Flowers’ is also famous for its unique tourist attractions. So, it is quite impossible for you to get bored on your trip – for this city offers so many places to explore.

Among the many areas of this second-largest metropolitan, Dago has become one of the most well-known tourist sites over the past few years. Both domestic and international tourists see it as ‘one-stop place’ consists of shops, cafes, restaurants, museums, hotels, etc. Another great thing about Dago? It’ll only take 20 minutes to reach this area from Bandung Station or Husein Sastranegara International Airport!

For those who are currently planning a weekend getaway at House Sangkuriang Bandung, we have prepared some great tourist sites recommendation. We hate to pick favourites, but if we’re only able to visit 5 places in a few days, these will definitely be our go-to. Because, it’ll only take less than 30 minutes to reach your destination!


  1. Bandung Zoological Garde


Photo credit @nuyfitri

Did you know that Bandung Zoological Garden or Bandung Zoo has existed for almost 91 years? In 1930’s, the director of Denis Bank, Hogland, pioneered the construction of this legendary zoo. But during the Japanese occupation in Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) around 1942, Bandung Zoological Park was abandoned and in the brink of bankruptcy.

At the initiative of Raden Ema Bratakusumah in 1956, the ownership of Bandung Zoological Park was officially taken over by Yayasan Marga Satwa Tamansari a year later. Today, the 14 hectares zoo is a home to 800 animals from the class of mammals, aves, reptiles, and fishes. Not only that, visitors can also engage in many fun and educational activities to make your time even more worthwhile.

  1. Wot Batu


Photo credit @ilhmaditia_

Wot Batu gained even more popularity when Indonesia’s prominent actress, Tara Basro, held her wedding ceremony here back in June 2020. The beauty around this art gallery will make you feel as if you’re transported to a magical place. That’s why since its first opening in 2015, Wot Batu has still remain one of the most well-known tourist attractions around Bandung.

According to Wot Batu’s official website, the 2000 square meters area is described as ‘spiritual and transcendental journey’ of its creator Sunaryo. His famous art installations in Wot Batu symbolizing harmony between human souls and physical manifestation of life. Elements such as earth, fire, water, and wind also play an important part to bring life onto this gallery, as they’re symbolizing harmony.


  1. Congo Gallery & Café


Photo credit @hasnafauziaah

The first time you walk through the gates of Congo Gallery & Café, you’ll probably notice that this restaurant has a lot to offer. All thanks to its unique concept, artistic building, and of course tons of Instagramable spot. If you’re looking for a place to have a nice family lunch or perhaps a romantic candle light dinner, Congo Gallery & Café is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Complementing its breathtaking view, this restaurant offers a well-mixed of Indonesia’s most beloved dishes and some Western options. Sop Buntut Bakar, Nasi Timbel Komplit, and Nasi Campur Bali are known as one of their favourite picks. Steaks and Pastas are also belong to the highly-recommended menus. As for dessert, Rhubarb Strawberry Crumble, Girl’s Best Friend and Crème Catalana is perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth.


  1. Dago Dreampark


Photo credit @babyvall02

If you’ve been seeing a lot of pictures taken around this flying carpet, then perhaps it is a sign for you to take a quick break over the weekend and pay this place a visit. Located 15 minutes away from House Sangkuriang Bandung, Dago Dreampark is often described as the ‘It’ place due to its fun and unique concept. Not only that, this theme park is also famous for its wide variety of extreme rides, Instagramable spots, and family areas.

Apart from the famous Aladdin Carpet, you can also find Sky Bike, Pirate Ship, Giant Ella, Paragliding. Sky Gliding, and Tarzan Cross. For those who are looking for a rather mild rides, you can visit Dago Dreampark’s Selfie Trend area which consist of Sky Tree, Up House, Love Seat, Flying Lounge, and the unique Bird Nest.

  1. Amazing Art World


Photo credit @yeah_linda

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful scenery around Amazing Art World, because chances are what you see isn’t exactly a real thing. Located 20 minutes from House Sangkuriang Bandung, Amazing Art World is described as an interactive museum where visitors can enjoy and perhaps pose around hundreds of imaginative 3D landscapes.

According to nativeindonesia.com, the optical illusion artworks provided at this museum were made by 15 talented artists from Indonesia and South Korea. The general theme of these artworks are divided into six categories such as history, artistic, living, animal, sea life, and dinosaur. While spending their time around the museum, visitors can also visit restaurant and cafe for a nice lunch break. If you’re looking for some cute souvenirs to bring home, Amazing Art World offers their signature products at the gift shop!