Mudik with Kids

July 01, 2015

Eid ul Fitr is coming, who’s coming home with kids?


Mudik with kids could be a disaster, especially when you are trapped in countless hours of traffic jam. But don’t worry, if this is the first time for you to go Mudik with the little ones by car, we have collected some tips for you to have a save and sound Mudik with your children.


1. Plan Ahead

List everything you'll need to take and start gathering it together at least a week before departure. Taking a half day off work would be better for you, so you can have yourself more time to pack before leaving. 


2. Safety First

Make sure your child’s car seat is properly secured. Pack plenty of water, first-aid kit, and a flash light in case you break down at night. Charge your phone beforehand and bring the portable charger along with the car charger. Don’t forget to get enough sleep before.


3. Smart Packing

Pack everything with easy access so you don’t have to dig around in your suitcase when you need something. Keep basic supplies such as sunscreen and mosquito repellent in a separate bag so you can take advantage of opportunities for outdoor fun along the way. Toss in a beach bag with clean clothes and towels so you don't have to root around in your suitcases in case of an unexpected mess.


4. Sleep Schedule

Schedule your departure to ensure your children catch some quality sleep on the road. 

Some folks travel at their children's bedtime: They put their sleeping kids in their car seats and go. This works if you're not too tired to drive late at night and if you're reasonably sure your children will stay asleep once you arrive. This tactic really depends on your child – if it backfires, you can end up with a wide-awake toddler at midnight.


5. Snack Time

Keep drinks and snacks on hand. You might not want to bring fruits, yogurt or juice boxes because they will be messy and spilled over the car seat especially to young children. Spend some time to have a picnic in the rest area for a bit of fresh air and exercise. 


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